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Journalists worldwide are invited to apply for membership in the International Association of Religion Journalists. Join several hundred leading colleagues from more than 50 nations across the globe as together we build a respected professional body that can transcend national and regional biases to become a compelling voice, a trusted source of support and an indispensable resource for journalists worldwide reporting on religion.

Membership benefits include:

  • A comprehensive website, complete with a members-only international directory of journalists covering religion, and members-only forums to learn from one another and to work together on international stories.
  • Original stories and special access to the finest and most up-to-date research on religion throughout the world. Guided tools such as mapping features, tutorials and specially designed search engines will enable journalists to get deadline access to the most relevant data on hundreds of subjects and the role of religion in nearly every nation in the world.
  • Special access to courses, dialogues and conferences enabling journalists to discuss contemporary issues in international religion journalism, and share best practices for coverage.
  • News of the latest job and fellowship openings related to international coverage of religion.
  • Newsletters keeping you up-to-date with news on the beat, practical resources and a comprehensive list of professional conferences and professional opportunities.

Receive $500, editorial support for joint reporting projects

Journalists from different countries who work together to publish a story on religion are eligible to receive editorial support and a payment of $500 under a new program sponsored by the International Center for Journalists.



Spotlight on: Prince Charles Dickson of Nigeria

A beacon of independent reporting amid the violent conflict in Nigeria, Prince Charles Dickson is widely picked up in media outlets throughout the region that can count on his informed voice providing objective coverage of religion. South African journalist Yazeed Kamaldien asks Dickson about his experiences in religion journalism.


The IARJ: Created by all, in service to all

Senior Algerian journalist Larbi Megari tells why the International Association of Journalists meets a critical need in our global society.

“One quick look at what is happening across the world in terms of conflicts and violence will encourage us to put hands in hands in order to work towards improving our coverage of religion matters, and make this coverage more professional and ethical.”


Tips for Writing Compelling Religion Stories

As the options for obtaining news multiply, what separates one newspaper or one website or one television station from another is the quality and interest of the stories they tell. All of the technological opportunities offered by new media come to nothing if outlets do not have content that is meaningful to readers.